Freedom Recovery Strap 3" x 30', and Freedom Tree Straps 3" x15' and 8' Minimum Break Strength 24,000 lbs
Freedom Recovery Strap 3" x 30', and Freedom Tree Straps 3" x15' and 8' Minimum Break Strength 24,000 lbs

Freedom Recovery Gear Straps

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Freedom Recovery Gear Recovery Straps and Tree Savers are proudly manufactured in Canada from Canadian webbing.


Manufactured and rated by a company that specializes in making straps for the rigging industry, and not he recreation off-road market, you know these straps are going to be up to the task with extra heavy duty reinforced eyes.


With a Minimum Break Strength of 24,000 pound based on destructive testing as assemblies and not a calculation, these straps come with realistic ratings. The Manufactures label specifies all the details you need to know when rigging, if you gear doesn’t come with a label how will you remember what is rated for?


Freedom  Recovery Strap is specifically designed to stretch under load for maximum performance, an FRG Recovery Strap is a very effective method of extracting a vehicle meyerd in mud, snow, snow or  sand, this is a quick and efficient recovery method,  when a second vehicle is present.


We’ve chosen 3” width in high visibility Orange with a double reflective conspicuity thread for nigh visibility at night. 

Freedom Recovery Strap in a 3” x 30’ length will stretch approximately 3’ under full load.

This strap size is appropriate for a vehicles 6-8,000 lbs like a 4 Door Jeep or Toyota Tacoma, and even up to ½ ton truck. We recommend about a 3:1 safety factor when sizing you recovery Strap.

Our Tree Savers are available in both 15’, and 8’ in single ply and in an 11’ in a double ply for extra strength. And all our straps come with a Velcro strap.

A nylon Tree saver allows you absorb some of the shock loading that can come from winching.

Please always read the label on your strap for proper ratings.

·       CAUTION

·       Avoid abrasive surfaces and any sharp edges.

·       Make Sure your Attachment point is capable of holding the load you will place on it.

·       Always Visually Inspect your rope and spliced eyes before use and during attachment to each vehicle.

·       Use shackles of an appropriate strength for the rope and consider switching to soft shackles ( Low Mass ) for increased safety.

·       Test before use. Try light pulls to test attachment before pulling at maximum force.

·       Crawl (tractions extraction), walk (2-3 mph), Run 4-5mph)  with no more than 6’ of slack

·        Keep spectators out of the tow zone 1 ½ times farther than the strap can reach.

·       do not tie a knot, A knot can reduce a rope’s strength by as much as half.*



WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

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