7/16" x 65' Freedom Optimized Winch Rope  for External Brake Winches MBS 20,000 lbs Made In Canada Hot Pink
7/16" x 65' Freedom Optimized Winch Rope for External Brake Winches MBS 20,000 lbs Made In Canada Hot Pink

7/16" Winch line for External Brake Winch

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Freedom Recovery Gear Optimized Winch Rope x 65’ Fore external Brake Winches



Our 7/16” Freedom Optimized Winch Rope with MBS of 20,000Lbs is spliced from Canadian Made SupreemX-12 made with Dyneema® SK-78 fibre and Coated In a variety of High Visibility Colours and sizes.




·       Extremely high strength

·       Light weight (1/7 weight of steel)

·       Abrasion resistant

·       Low stretch

·       Floats in water

·       Extremely Flexible



We start of our winch lines with a gusseted powder coated stainless steel tube thimble which is followed by a locking splice to prevent any possibility of slippage during the life of the rope then to give it maximum strength we follow up with a proper length taper and tail burry ( over 2 fids ) allowing for a smoth transition. This burry and tapper is what maintains the ropes integrity and gives the splice its strength.. As we progress, approximately 10.5’ from the end of the rope we place a high visibility thread this threads is placed at the point where there should be a minimum of 11 wraps on your winch drum. This is the minimum recommended  number of raps to prevent slippage on a synthetic winch line. Our external brake winch line terminates terminates with a shrink wrapped end.



So why do we make a 65’ winch line?

Simple mechanical advantage. Your winch capacity is rated for your first wrap (when you can see the Winch Drum) each layer of rope diminishes your winch capacity by about 15% ! so a 10k winch with 5 layers can have a usable capacity of less than half its rated capacity! What does this mean? Well a  65’ winch rope is close to its 3rd layer, and quickly gets to 2nd or base layer mechanically giving you advantage.


If you need to reach farther use a winch extender, and make sure its rated for what you need to do.


Freedom Recovery Gear Ltd. doesn’t cut any corners while we hand splice each winch rope using proper length end buries and tapers to maintain maximum strength. We also take the time to fully inspect each line while we mechanically tension each winch line so you don’t have to! t so all you have to do is attach it to the drum, spool it on and its ready to use.


What Size rope for my winch?


Up to 8000k winch 3/8” Standard/ occasional or high Use

Up to 10,000k winch 3/8” Standard/ occasional or 7/16 for high use

Up to 12,000k winch 7/16 Standard/ occasional or ½” for high use

Up to 18,000 winch ½ “ Standard/ occasional or high use



What’s an example of an external Brake winch?


Warn 8274 (older style upright)

ComeUp Winches most use external brakes but check with your dealer



Product may look slightly different and colours may vary from images.




What is Dyneema® SK-78?

Dyneema® SK-78 fibre is currently one of the strongest and most functional rope available for vehicle recovery and winching purposes. The rope used in all Freedom Recovery Gear products is Made in Canada from European sourced fibre - this is the most consistent and reliable Dyneema® fibre currently available anywhere.

Dyneema® SK-78 has many advantages over the standard wire rope (aka galvanized aircraft cable) that is commonly provided by winch manufacturers - light weight, abrasion resistance, low stretch (very little elastic recoil), doesn't twist (torque) under load, doesn't have sharp 'burrs' that can cut skin and hands when you're using it.

Being 1/7th the weight of wire rope, it is immediately noticeable when handling the rope, it's easy to carry and move, it bends and flexes easily, it's does not absorb water and it floats.

If you have used other brands of synthetic winch lines, soft shackles, or winch extensions, you will really appreciate the quality and attention to detail that Freedom Recovery Gear puts in to their products.



Working Load Limit (WLL) is the maximum working load designed by the manufacturer. This load represents a force that is much less than that required to make the lifting equipment fail or yield.

In line with the Cordage Institute Guidelines CI 1401-19 Recommended Safety Practices for use of Fiber rope. We apply a Design Factor DF 5:1 to our Soft Shackles, winch lines and Winch Line Extensions. 

As an Example, that mean a product with a Minimum Break Strength  of 40,000 lbs would have a Working load Limit of 8000 lbs



WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov 

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