3/8" x 25' Winch Line Extenders MBS 16,000 lbs
3/8" x 25' Winch Line Extenders MBS 16,000 lbs

3/8" Winch line Extender

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Freedom Recovery Gear 3/8" Winch Line Extenders with a MBS of 16,000 lbs are an excellent complement to any recovery gear kit, Available in a variety of standard lengths of 10’, 25’ and 50’ to allow for maximum flexibility in rigging. The 6 bright and highly visible colours that will compliment any off-road vehicle.


Freedom Recovery Gear Winch Line Extenders are stronger than steel cable of the same diameter, and light enough to float on water ! Our large Double Soft Eye with nylon wear pads make them  wear resistant and easy to rig. the 12 Strand Nuetral Brade, coils quickly and easily. For greater flexibility we include a movable third wear pad in the middle in case you need to double up your rope for greater strength. 


Our winch Line Extenders starts with Premium Dyneema® SK78 synthetic fiber based rope manufactured in Canadian ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility which maintains the highest quality standard and every batch or rope is strength tested and verified before shipping to us. Next we hand splice both ends with a locking splice, and finish with a proper length taper before we burry the 2 fid tail for maximum strength. Before packaging we hook up all Winch Line Extenders on a custom designed tensioning table and pretention each rope so the splices are set and its ready to use when it arrives. 


The final step to ensure you get the recovery gear you deserve is all of our rope products and shackle designs are sent to a company that specializes in rigging certification and destructive testing on a certified digital test bed. This gives us real Minimum Break Strength or M.B.S. for our assemblies and not a theoretical calculation. 



·       Extremely high strength

·       Light weight (1/7 weight of steel)

·       Abrasion resistant

·       Low stretch

·       Floats in water

·       Flexible


What Lengths are available?


Standard Lengths are:

10’ this is excellent as a Bridal for distributing recovery weight between 2 points, safety line or even a chocker. 

25’ excellent as a winch extender, and can be folded in half for shorter length.

50’ Long Winch extender. and can be folded in half for shorter length


What Size of extender for my winch?


Up to 8000k winch 3/8” Standard/ occasional or high Use

Up to 10,000k winch 3/8” Standard/ occasional or 7/16 for high use

Up to 12,000k winch 7/16 Standard/ occasional or ½” for high use

Up to 18,000 winch ½ “ Standard/ occasional or high use


Winch Line Extender M.B.S single line application


·      3/8”. 16,000 lbs

·      7/16” 19,000 lbs

·      ½” 30,000 lbs



 When Anchoring a single Pulley Block your extender should be 4 x Winch capacity for proper safety.


 Product may may look slightly different and colours may very from images.


Working Load Limit (WLL) is the maximum working load designed by the manufacturer. This load represents a force that is much less than that required to make the lifting equipment fail or yield.

In line with the Cordage Institute Guidelines CI 1401-19 Recommended Safety Practices for use of Fiber rope. We apply a Design Factor DF 5:1 to our Soft Shackles, winch lines and Winch Line Extensions. 

As an Example, that mean a product with a Minimum Break Strength  of 40,000 lbs would have a Working load Limit of 8000 lbs.


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov 

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